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How great would it be if you could rent flexible accommodation straightaway without any hassle? Precisely for this purpose, we have developed FlexStay Complete. This All-in Concept allows you to benefit from complete staff accommodation. We arrange furniture, cleaning & maintenance and our team is available 24/7.

Below, you will find number of things we can arrange for you. Would you like more information about FlexStay Complete or to rent a house from us straight away? Please contact us for a non-binding introduction.

Fully furnished.

We provide fully furnished accommodation, so that your people can quickly have a comfortable home. We believe that a good work & life balance equals happy employees. Which is not only good for morale, but also for work motivation. Our accommodations are therefore fully furnished and fully equipped.

The accommodations are furnished to a ‘hotel-ready’ standard. For each resident there is sufficient inventory, cooling and freezer appliances and more, providing an optimal homely feeling. Depending on your wishes, we can take specific matters into account. Do you want 2 bathrooms or a garden, for example? Let us know in your request and we will arrange it for you.

Flexible rent.

We offer flexible short and long term rental options. Sometimes the duration of a project is simply not known in advance. FlexStay offers you flexible rental and notice periods. Up to 1-week notice period possible.

SNF quality mark.

Our accommodations meet the standards of the SNF quality mark. This way you can be sure that your staff can live comfortably and safely. Plenty of privacy, great living space, good inventory and the house meets all hygiene and fire safety requirements.

Available 24/7 for any faults or malfunctions.

We believe it is important to always be available in order to provide you with carefree renting. Faults and complaints can be reported 24/7. All residents are also provided with our contact details in case of emergency. A resident can even leave a support ticket.

Thanks to our strong partnership network, we can provide fast services in a wide area. This way we can ensure your employees be helped quickly after a report is made. We work with regional partners in each area, including technical specialists, maintenance companies and other service providers.

There is always someone on site within 30 minutes to resolve a malfunction.

Small and large groups.

When we say flexible, we really mean flexible. We offer accommodation for individuals, small groups and large groups up to 200 people. Depending on your request, we will look for suitable homes or several homes in your work area.

You can receive a digital report every month.

We check the accommodation monthly. This ensures that staff can continue to live comfortably and safely. If you want, we can share these digital reports with you.

Hygienic living.

We attach huge value to a neat and hygienic home. With our All-in Concept we provide regular cleaning and maintenance.

Garden maintenance.

Are you renting a house with a garden or terrace? Regular garden maintenance is an important factor in enjoying the garden to the full. Our gardeners visit three times per year to provide the garden with the necessary attention.

Energy management.

Many of our tenants like to have insight into their energy usage. Our smart thermostats regulate excessive energy consumption. We record the meter readings several times per year to monitor this. This way you will not be faced with any unnecessary surprises.

Ticket system.

Do you have a question or would you like to report a fault or a malfunction? Through our unique ticket system, all questions and malfunctions are visible to you, your staff and us, and you will receive a regular follow-up. You will always be up to date.

Experience our complete accommodation yourself.

Are you looking for a suitable home? Contact us for more information or make a non-binding request right away.

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